The increasing number of new discoveries of attraction sites and innovative policies and programmes putting in place highlights a number of tourism opportunities in Ghana.
I will share few here.

1. Tourist Accommodation

∙ Multi­-hotel resorts; one each for the Volta Estuary; Accra and environs;
Brenu beach in the Central Region; Cape Three Points area in the Western
Region; Lake Bosumtwi in Ashanti, the Volta Lake Basin incorporating
Dodi Island, Dwarf Island, Digya National Park, Melinli Peninsular, Amedzofe and Wli­falls in the Volta Region.
∙ Single ­hotel resorts at beach sites, botanic garden sites, other lake sites etc.
∙ Mountain Resort
­ Business Hotels of all classes.
∙ Lodges and Inns; desirable locations include ecotourism sites
(eco­lodges in National parks), as well as other isolated tourism attraction sties and towns.
∙ Motels on major tourist routes.
∙ Hostels particularly on or near university campuses for dual use by tourists and campus students.
∙ Camping Sites for the Trans-­Saharan adventure tourists with Paga, Tamale, Kintampo falls.

2. Tourist Transport Services

The under­listed services are required at major tourist locations:
a)Tourist Taxi
This is highly inadequate; it may be operated by companies licensed by
Ghana Tourist Board and registered to operate from specified bases namely
hotels, airport and other transport terminals.
b). Air-taxi
This is also highly inadequate but there is growing demand for it by both business and holiday visitors requiring quick visits to locations outside
c). Car Hire
The growing tourist traffic is not being matched by investments in the
various categories of road transport vehicles especially tourist coaches, tourist buses, limousines, and cross-country vehicles for trekking and safaris.
d). Cruise Boats
The Volta Lake offers opportunity for the operation of various types of lake transportation for various leisure purposes such as cruise excursions or purely passenger service or for a more personalized recreation like fishing etc.

3. Leisure & Sports

Though Ghana attracts large numbers of European, American, Asian and African tourists, they do not stay long because of lack of activity as Ghana’s tourist offer so far has been mainly sight-seeing featuring, festivals, monuments, game ­viewing and nature walk. There is high demand from tourists for leisure and sporting activities to liven up their stay.
The following would greatly enhance tourists’ experiences:
a) World ­class golf courses for international tournaments b) Marinas on our Atlantic Coast, inland lakes and big rivers for sport
fishing, yachting,sailing,surfing etc.
c)Theme Parks to relieve boredom.
d) Sports centres in cities offering a wide range of indoor/outdoor activities.

Thank you.

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