The Best Weekend Getaways from Accra, Ghana

Are you one who merges travel with leisure? Are your weekdays spent in urban Accra, but you’re craving vital weekend tips, news, and information about the most exciting two- to three-day getaways outside of Ghana’s capital? Then this thread is just what you need. View live map Ada With gorgeous beach resorts, exciting cuisine, and […]

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11 Top Beach Resorts in Ghana

Beach resorts are among the most popular getaways in Ghana and, with over 500 kilometres (310 miles) of coastline, our beaches are wonderfully varied. From low-key eco resorts to high-end, paradisaical five-star resorts, we break down the ones that stand out. Lou Moon Resort, Lodge Located on a beautiful bay surrounded by 24 acres (10 hectares) of jungle […]

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