Manhyia Palace Museum

The Museum is a unique creation in West Africa by the Asante Kingdom, to commemorate their leaders, and to communicate the riches of their history and culture to the world. It is a relatively small Museum but stuffed with history larger and older than its size making a visit to the place a worthy one. […]

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In Akan Religion, Onyankropɔn (The One God), the Supreme Being lives above the Earth…Ewiem or Ɛsoro; the Twi language word for the Sky.’ Akanfoɔ believes that Onyankropɔn created humans at ADANSI. After completion, ONYANKROPƆN retired to Ɛsoro (the Sky) to rest and maintain the controlling role in the affairs of humankind. Onyankropɔn then assigned intermediaries […]

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