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Hunters Cave (Nkofieho)

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The twenedurase mystical cave which is believed to be one of the oldest caves in Ghana is absolutely a breath taking tourist site in the Kwahu area. This site can be located close to the padlock rock as well as the echo ravern all in the twenerase forest. The cave receive tourist everyday through a tour guide Mr Kofi Poakwa, who has been a fantastic guide making sure tourist doesn’t get hurt as one will have to crawl and change body posture in order to continue the adventure of the inner recess.
This cave have unique exhibits that shows the wonders of nature, and myth has it that they used to serve as a hideout for native warriors during frequent war attacks. They performed spiritual incantations and eat some specific foods that prepared them physically and spiritually for war.
One identifiable experience that welcomes all tourists is the weather condition within the cave which is comparable to that of the fridge.

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