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Big Ada is a town in the Dangme East district, a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The settlement lies along the road from Ada Kasseh to the district capital Ada Foah, just off the Accra-Aflao motorway.<br /> The Ada people first migrated from Ancient Egypt, then to Nigeria in a town called Ile-Ife, through Benin among the Fon People then to Togo, and finally to Big Ada in the Greater Accra Region (present day Ghana). Big Ada was one of the first places the Ada people settled. From there, they spread out to different settlements, but always perceived Big Ada as their home base.<br /> The village that is located on the riverbank of the Volta used to be an important trading center, profiting from the river's fantastic location. From there, goods were transported to the hinterland by canoe past the Shai and Akwamu mountains. The economic activities reached a peak around 1901 when a transportation system called the Volta River Transport System was launched. Ada's decline started with the construction of the harbor sea port in Takoradi that made the transport on the Volta River unnecessary. Today, Ada is not as popular as far as social life and economic activities are concerned. Hardly any traces of physical structures such as factories and shops remain.

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