Remember the days when you were just entering the market, and it felt close to impossible to get past that stone wall?

Every company would have experience first-hand the same difficulties during their early stages. In order to help lower the entry barrier for travel professionals and to help existing travel companies in Ghana ace their revenue stream, we created TraveltoGhana which gives you immediate access to global suppliers on a free platform, no strings attached.
This means that you instantly get live availability to all key aspects of the trip you need to create packages and start selling them with a snap of your fingers.
But, what’s stopping you?
It’s skepticism or lack of technical knowledge on the platform, we’re here to help.
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Here are three ways you can get more results with TraveltoGhana.
#1 Create itineraries with inventory from our global partners or your own.
It is extremely common for small and medium-sized travel companies to face difficulties finding global suppliers. Let alone to strike up a deal with them. The process of getting an agreement is long and tedious (we know, we’ve been there).
We’ve done the hard work of getting suppliers for inventory. You can already start creating itineraries. Here’s how:
Signup as a partner, Select locations, date, and number of travelers to start planning an itinerary. Add high resolution images then click on “submit tour or experience” and select an item from the list.
 When you’re ready with an itinerary, you can share them with your customers via email or on paper, or share them as templates that you can use in the future.
If you already have existing inventory, you can add them to the library as custom items and sell them as you are doing today. That way, you can mix and match items from your existing inventory with the ones provided by our global suppliers when creating an itinerary.
#2 Boost online marketing efforts with social shareable and editable templates.
While it may require some time for you to create a meticulous itinerary, the initial time spent on planning will pay off in the long run. Itineraries you created are not only shareable to your customers via emails or on paper. You can also use them as part of your marketing materials on your website and social media channels. Here’s an example:
Having saved templates means that you will no longer have to start creating an itinerary from scratch again in the future. All you need to do is to select a template that suits your customer’s request best and start editing from there.
Instead of spending hours on creating a new itinerary, you can get work done within minutes.
#3 Increase your revenue by leveraging our featured plan to reach many global travelers community and receive guest.
As soon as your trip is booked through Traveltoghana, you will start earning a local tour curator. It’s really that simple. By reaching  more potential clients, we recommend you to subscribe to our business plan which allow you to do more than you can imagine.
While some may think that the Free Forever plan is too good to be true, there really isn’t any catch here. Borders are gradually diminishing thus allowing the tourism industry to continue giteming globally — which means that there is enough space of everyone to operate in and have a piece of the pie.
We believe that instead of focusing solely on competition, it would be even more beneficial to create a space that can benefit all players by combining forces. That way, we can create and sell more together!
So there you have it, our top 3 tips on how to get more results out of your TraveltoGhana platform. You can also sign up for our webinar to find out in details on how you can improve your revenue stream with TraveltoGhana and other Viaxar Platforms.
Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Until then, happy planning!