We are here to make sure you have a great time while visiting Ghana. Our goal is to make you want to return, and for you to convince your friends to visit Ghana too!

For this to best occur, we ask that you follow some basic rules. We are providing a personalized and exciting experience with fun, knowledgeable, honest men to make sure you have a wonderful time. But realize that we operate within boundaries to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Visitors should ALWAYS

  1. Follow all instructions from your guide. This is for your own safety.
  2. Treat your guide as a fellow human being, with respect and dignity.
  3. Respect local customs and traditions. Realize that you are in a very different environment than Europe or America. Read some basic cultural etiquette to help you interact with Ghanaians more easily.
  4. Inform your guide of any problems or desires. Be specific, but not rude. The more specific you are in your requests, the better your guide will be able to give you the correct outcome.
  5. Be patient. Be flexible. Ghana is a developing country and some things are beyond the control of your guide. Weather, power outages, or other conditions may cause unanticipated delays and inconveniences.
  6. Speak more slowly, NOT MORE STRONGLY, when there is a communication misunderstanding with any person.
  7. You will see men holding hands in public because they are good friends. Do not react oddly when a Ghanaian male takes you by the hand. However, homosexuality is illegal in Ghana. You will never see men or women of any orientation kissing because public displays of affection are never acceptable.
  8. Feel free to leave a tip or a gift with your guide or family at the end of their service.

Visitors MUST NOT

  1. Do not say or do anything you would not do in your own country. You are a guest and should act accordingly.
  2. Do not flaunt your wealth, be loud, insulting or disrespectful in any way. This includes flashing lots of cash, jewels or electronic gadgets.
  3. Try not to smoke in public. While you will see smoking at some drinking establishments and restaurants, and foreigners are mostly forgiven, Ghana is mostly a smoke-free country.
  4. Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Drunkenness brings great shame.
  5. Do not curse or use vulgar language. It is a rare circumstance where you will hear a Ghanaian utter a curse and it is poorly received behavior.
  6. Do not spit or throw trash into the street. You will see trash everywhere, but people will not appreciate you littering their country.
  7. Do not get involved in local politics.
  8. Do not purchase any illegal substances.
  9. Do not photograph any person without asking for permission. Do not photograph any government buildings or military installations.

Immediately contact Curator or TraveltoGhana Helpline

  1. If there is a problem with your guide, the situation, or to request a different guide. We want to ensure that your holiday is perfect.
  2. If your guide asks for gifts or money or help with a visa. This includes direct requests as well as indirect hints where you are told of a personal problem that requires money.
  3. If you have any meeting with a government or security official.