It can be tough finding original things to do on a date in a tiny city such as Accra. Here are our picks of some fun and unique activities you might not have been privy to.

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Mini golf at Marvels

Unusual for Accra, what is even more unusual is how tailor-made Marvels’ mini golf course is: not only does it boast a putting green, it also has a tea house and hosts regular movie nights, making it a on-stop shop for a fun date.

Marvels MiniGofl, Efua Sutherland Road, Accra, Ghana, +233 30 291 5400

Mini Golf | © Jennifer C / Flickr

Take a couples surf lesson

For the sporty outdoor types that like to be in nature, head to Kokrobite and either rent boards and chat while you paddle out to the horizon, or take a couples surf lesson with Mr Brights surf school. Either way, it will be a great day out and you can combine it with a romantic dinner at Kokrobite Garden, set back from the beach in a very romantic garden.

Mr Brights Surf Shop and School, Kokrobite, Accra, Ghana, +233 26 431 6053


Kokrobie Gardens | ©MinaLegend / Flickr

Go chocolate tasting

Considered by some to be an aphrodisiac, spend a date trying out all the weird and wonderful (as well as delicious) flavours of chocolate at ’57 Chocolate. You could even bring along a bottle of red wine to make things more fun.

Call ’57 Chocolate at +233 504 736 539 to book an appointment

Chocolate AlexanderStein / Pixabay

Eat and paint

Instead of just chatting over dinner, practice your art skills in this popular evening out that takes place at the rooftop deli at Roots Hotel Apartment once a week. Led by a local artist, you are invited to drink, eat and paint while leaving your judgements at the door.

Roots Hotel Apartment, H/N. F97/2, 15th Lane Osu Re, Accra, Ghana, +233 30 701 0274

Tequila Thursday at Coco Lounge

The always fun and vibrant Coco Lounge is also home to the best tequila in town on Thursday nights. If you’re tequila lovers, enjoy the Mexican music, down a host of shots and cocktails, and enjoy the specialist Mexican-inspired menu. A truly fun night.

Coco Lounge, Icon House, Stanbic Heights, Accra, Ghana, +233 24 422 2202


Tequila shots | Bagartea0 /Pixabay

Take a tour of the Accra zoo

For the animal lovers out there, this mini zoo at the Achimota Conservation Area is far better for wandering and talking than a traditional zoo due to its intimate setting. It’s also a breeding ground for endangered primates, and the animals are easy to access. The place gets scant visitation, letting you have an almost private tour of the grounds. Chat to the park rangers, wander the area and learn about the monkeys, ostriches and varieties of wild birds.

Accra Zoo and Endangered Primate Breeding Centre, Achimota College Rd, Accra, Ghana


Patas monkey | © Maria Hale / Flickr

Learn the kizomba and kizsalsa

These dance crazes are where West Africa meets Latino culture, with its origins in the Latino-inspired afrobeats of Angola. Kizomba originated in Angola in the 1970s and has taken Accra by storm in recent years, with its sultry moves and hip-swaying. Kizsalsa takes inspiration from where the two dances meet: a sensuous combination. Kizomba and kizsalsa nights are held at Afrikiko on Wednesdays, where you can mix it up with dinner and drinks, or you and your date can get serious and take a class from Kizomba Ghana at their studio near the Presidential Palace.

Contact Kizomba Ghana at +233 24 481 6892

Go wine tasting

If you love a good glass of wine or bubbly, then Sai Wine & Champagne Café is where you need to be. This specialist wine and champagne bar is perfect date territory, with its cosy and intimate indoor setting that feels like you’re in your living room. Sip on the wines and champagnes, nibble on the light bites, and, if the mood strikes you, stay for an elegant dinner.

Sai Wine & Champagne Café, Ndabaningi Sithole Rd, Accra, Ghana, +233 20 690 5257


Watch a German film at the Goethe-Institut

Finding films for arthouse lovers in Ghana can be tough, so if you are a cinephile you should head to the Goethe-Institut in Cantonments for their weekly selection of great German cinema in comfy environs.

Goethe-Institut, Kakramadu Rd, Accra, Ghana, +233 30 277 6764

Feel the reggae vibes at Tawala

For those who love to kick back with some great live reggae music, head to Tawala Beach on Wednesday nights, where you will find this seaside bar’s atmosphere to be electric.

La Tawala Beach Resort, 933 Jomo Street, Accra, Ghana, +233 24 499 0099


Jah Sesco | © RastaRalph / Flickr

Go on a tour of a coffin workshop

If you want to explore something new and have an endless talking point, then head to Teshie and one of the coffin workshops that reside there. Get a tour and be amazed at the coffins on offer and the originality of their designs.

Kwae Kane Carpentry Workshop, Teshie Road, Accra, Ghana, +233 24 411 4719

Kane Kwei Coffin Workshop

Kane Kwei coffin workshop | © David Stanley/Flickr